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The house of the stonemason Julián

What made us take advantage of the house of Julián, the stonecutter from the town of Pinilla, to create this refuge? First, your story. We wanted to pay homage to this trade by highlighting the masonry work on the façade and the stonemason's instruments through a small museum that is part of the Pinilla del Valle Trades Route. Second, its unbeatable location. Each room has a direct view of Peñalara and the town's stream, complementing the beautiful view of the countryside with the natural sounds of the water and the birds of the area. Third, its closeness. Everyone is surprised when they discover the natural wonders that we have so close to Madrid to spend an unforgettable weekend.

A little history

Julián Matesanz was the stonecutter of Pinilla del Valle. It is enough to ask any neighbor of the town about him to get to know him a little: generous, selfless, loyal and passionate about his work. He was born on January 9, 1921 and developed the job of stonemason empirically, based on hours that turned into years and then into almost ten decades of effort. Many houses in the town bear his mark and even the church of San Miguel boasts an arch that he restored and proudly showed to his daughters and his wife, Marciana.

Along with his tireless Marciana, he brought the stones by cart from the other shore of the reservoir next to the clearing of the fig tree, where the archaeological excavations are today. Then he carved them with dedication and perfectionism. He starred in a documentary video on Spanish TV in which he shows his work, with Peñalara in the background and which we can see here. Video that, to date, has been seen by more than 190,000 people, which demonstrates the current interest of people from all over the world in the noble trade of traditional Spanish stonemasonry. Julián, since 2020, is no longer with us but his work and dedication remain carved in the traditional facades of the town and in the hearts of those who remember him.

An exemplary sample of the work of our stonemason is his house. Between him and his wife, they built it from scratch, carrying each stone, giving a perfect rectangular shape to each of the ones that the façade displays and sculpting the spheres that frame the tiles. The complete work was finished in 1951. This house saw the birth of two of his daughters and everyone who visits it is fascinated by its façade, its garden, its privileged view of PeñaLara and the positive energy it emanates.

We were not the exception. We fell so in love with the house and its history that we have been excited to share it by creating a small and exclusive hotel that tells the story and the trade of the stonemason.

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