We collaborate with the environment and the community

Everything we do at La Casa del Cantero, we do with conscience:
We contribute to the ecology and the community by generating and storing energy, efficiently taking advantage of what exists, recycling and reusing resources, promoting local consumption and collaboration, among others.
Improving energy efficiency:
  • Insulation (double glazing, exterior carpentry, roof)
  • LED lighting
  • Category A and A++ appliances
  • We decarbonize and reduce our energy dependence:
  • Photovoltaic energy and aerothermal energy.
  • We promote the circular economy (Repair, Reuse, Recycle) through the reuse of furniture, supplying predominantly local products, sharing existing and underused spaces, improving water and waste management
  • Purchases with a predominance of recyclable and plastic-free packaging
  • Composting plant, drip irrigation and rainwater collection
  • We collaborate by promoting the consumption of local products.